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23rd Annual Dr. Samuel Francis Symposium
Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Edgewood Country Club

22nd Annual Dr. Samuel Francis School Law Symposium and Special Education Workshop

June 20, 2019

Presentation Materials for June 20, 2019

School Law

School Law Update: New Issues for School Administrators
Carl Beard, Beard Legal Group

The Balancing Act: An Updated Discussion on Balancing School Safety and the Constitution
Sara Rose, ACLU of Pennsylvania
Jocelyn Kramer, Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC

The Curse of High Expectations and the Bare Cupboard: Bargaining Trends in the Act 1 Era
Ira Weiss, Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC
John Paul Jones, Pennsylvania State Education Association

Presentation material for Ira Weiss
Presentation material for John Paul Jones

Dazed and Confused: What School Districts Should Know About Legalized Medical Marijuana
Matthew Hoffman, Tucker Arnsberg
Katherine Koop Irwin, Tucker Arnsberg

Handout for presentation

Teacher Behaving Badly: What to Do
Patrick Fanelli, Fanelli Willett Law Offices

Special Education

Getting Students Back to School: Addressing School Avoidance and Anxiety
Aimee R. Zundel, Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC

The Imminent Overhaul of Alternative Education: U.S. Department of Justice & PDE Settlement Agreement requires significant changes at the district, IU, and state level starting in 2019-2020
Cheryl Kleimen, Education Law Center
Lynne P. Sherry, Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC

Handout from Presentation
AEDY Agreement Document

Using Behavior Management to Avoid Discipline
Patrica R. Andrews, Andrews and Price, LLC
Lori Sutton, Bethel Park School District

The Process of Due Process 101: What to Expect When You’re Expecting a … Lawsuit
Rachel K. Lozosky, Peacock Keller

Significant Disproportional Overview: The Big Picture
Barbara Mozina, Pennsylvania Department of Education
Carol Good, PaTTAN/Pittsburgh


Ethics: Adhering to Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers
Dr. Joseph Dimperio

New Location:
Edgewood Country Club
100 Churchill Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
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Cost to attend:
$140/registrant for Members
$150/registrant for Non-members
$260/registrant for Attorneys seeking CLE credits*

*There is a $120 fee for processing CLE credit for this event, which is included in the cost of the attorney registration fee.

2018 Workshop: Recap

The 20th Annual Dr. Samuel Francis School Law Symposium and Special Education Workshop was held at the University Club on June 27, 2018   The program featured concurrent presentation sessions featuring hot topics in school law and special education. The 2018  program can be viewed here.

Presentation Materials from the 2018 Event:

“School Law Update: New Issues for School Administrators”– Carl Beard, Esq., Beard Legal Group, P.C.

“Responding Appropriately to Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Claims in the #MeToo Landscape” – Matthew Hoffman, Esq., Tucker Arensberg, P.C.

“Act 55: Major Changes in the Rules for Furloughs of School Employees. Legal and Labor Relations Hazards and Pitfalls” – Ira Weiss, Esq., Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC

Suspension (Furlough) of Professional Employees – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

“Schol Safety and Students’ Rights” – Sara Rose, Esq., ACLU of Pennsylvania

Collateral Consequences for Students of Police Contact

School Policing: Questions and Answers for Pennsylvania School Leaders

“Kneeling, Walkouts & Social Media Nastiness: The Latest Student Free Speech Issues” – Patrick Fanelli, Esq., Fanelli Willett Law Offices

“Highlights from the Civil Rights Data Collection: Key Takeaways and Emerging Issues” – Cheryl Kleiman, Esq., Education Law Center & Samantha Murphy, Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Improving Educational & Well Being Outcomes

“The IDEA State Performance Plane/Annual Performance Report, and Other Current Topics in Special Education” – Barbara Mozina, Special Education Advisor, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education

“Adherence to Best Practices and Legal Compliance to Promote School safety and Emotional Wellness: Intervention, Prevention, and Assessment” – Rebecca Heaton Hall, Esq., Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC & Dr. Jessica Dirsmith, State College Area School District and The Pennsylvania State University

“Special Education Updates: Information for Administrators” – Patricia R. Andrews, Esq., Andrews & Price, LLC & Lori Sutton, Bethel Park School District

“Whose Job is It? The LEA’s Role in Recommending Outside Placements and Implementing IEPs” – Rachel Lozosky, Esq., Peacock Keller

“Ethics: Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers” – Dr. Joseph Dimperio, Esq.