2017-2018 Principal Leadership Institute Workshops

Principal Leadership Institute

The Tri-State Area School Study Council is pleased to invite your district to participate in the Principal Leadership Institute Workshops for the 2017-2018 school year.

The series is composed of four workshop sessions, revolving around timely and relevant themes:

  • Creating a Professional Network
  • Professional Communication with Students, Parents, and Community
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Legal Obligations of the School Leader
  • Dealing with School Mental Health Issues

Principal Leaders will be mentored by successful educators and will be able to network with administrators from other districts.  The lead session facilitators are Dr. Mary Anne Battaglia, Dr. Kathleen Harrington, Dr. Lawrence Kushner, and Dr. Terrence Kushner.  The Principal Leader Institute Workshops will be especially helpful to new principals and those districts using Succession Planning in order to keep and grow quality leaders in their district.

2017-2018 Workshop Series Application (PDF)

2017-2018 Workshop Series Application (MS Word)

Supplemental materials from workshops during the 2016-2017 workshop series:

4/18/17 – Dr. Harrington’s Presentation

4/18/17 – Mr. Devore’s Do-Over (entire book)

4/18/17- Mental Massage Slides

4/18/17 – Growth Mindset Powerpoint Slides

4/18/17 – Growth Mindset Article

4/18/17 – Growth Mindset Article – EdWords Rennaissance

4/18/17 – Transformational Leadership Hand Out

2/23/17 – “Mental Health in Schools: The challenges for administrators to work with the over-diagnosed, under-diagnosed, conveniently diagnosed, emotionally disturbed and socially maladjusted student.” Presentation by Rebecca Heaton Hall, Esq of WBK LLC

2/23/17 – “When and How to Respond as a School: Bullying, Harassment, and Student Online Conduct” Presentation by Aimee R. Zundel, Esq. and Nicole Wingard Williams, Esq, both of WBK LLC

2/23/17 – “Emotional Disturbance vs. Social Maladjustment: An Examination of the Distinction from a Lawyer’s Perspective” Handout by Rebecca Heaton Hall, Esq. of WBK LLC

12/13/16 – “Team Building. Leadership. Culture.” Presentation by Mike Deegan, Denison University