If your organization is interested in joining Tri-State, please fill out the attached membership form and email or mail it to our office.  Please feel free to contact Director Dr. Diane L. Kirk at (412) 648-1716 with any questions.

Membership Application

Tri-State’s yearly cost of membership is listed in the table below.  Our organization has not raised this fee in over 10 years. We were happy to announce that as of the 2017-2018 school year, we have lowered the annual fees for schools with 5000+ students.  The maximum annual membership fee now costs $950 instead of $1,300!

Student EnrollmentFee
AVTS, IU, and Diocese$500.00
Up to 1999$600.00
2000 to 2999$700.00
3000 to 3999$800.00
4000 to 4999$900.00
5000 and up$950.00