The Tri-State Area School Study Council has provided a continuing partnership between school districts and the University of Pittsburgh for over 66 years.  In a nutshell, Tri-State’s focus is on building organizational capacity to: expand levels of literacy and improve student achievement; promote high quality governance through Board-Superintendent collaboration, teamwork, and policy development; and to develop practical legal understanding of the principles and processes used to evaluate district actions.

Information Dissemination

Tri-State provides it’s membership with access to three electronic quarterly newsletters:

  • The Forum, an in-house newsletter featuring information about professional development opportunities as well as articles and exemplary practices.  It features contributions from various local and state organizations including a recurring Title IX column provided by the Women’s Law Project of Western Pennsylvania.  The Forum also features a 2-page legal issue section provided by Weiss Burkardt Kramer LLC, “In Brief: School Law Update.”
  • Education Law Report, created by Tucker Arensburg law firm, to keep members abreast of the latest cases and developments in general school law
  • Special Education Alert, created by Andrews & Price law firm, which includes information and tips on important special education issues
Employment opportunities

Tri-State can send information out to a large network of Tri-State member district personnel as well as recent University alumni and can share postings across the nation thanks to our affiliation with the National School Development Council.  We also host job postings on this site on our Administrative Positions page.

Research and Development Technical Assistance

Tri-State’s team of consultants works with districts to address the bulletted list below as well as any other needs our members have.

  • Designing long- and short-term strategic planning as well as mid-point review
  • Mapping and redesigning curriculum
  • Coaching peers in math and literacy, including PSSA & Keystone work
  • Formulating regional district research and development initiatives
  • Evaluating course alignment with the Pennsylvania Standards
  • School Board retreats


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